The Dos and Don’ts of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming may sound simple and it could be if you know everything that goes about it. If you have a chainsaw you can probably do the tree trimming yourself. However, calling the professional will still trump the do it yourself path. This is because tree trimming Baton Rouge is a serious job that requires experience and knowledge.  

Tree Trimming

There are so many things that could go wrong with trimming your trees. You could damage your tree. You could pose and be a health hazard for the immediate vicinity. You can damage public properties and there are so many more reasons why you shouldn’t do the trimming yourself.   

  • Do check the condition of the Tree  

You should check the condition of the tree. Trees can survive without the assistance of human beings. That is why when you do need to trim a tree make sure that it is absolutely necessary to trim the tree. You should know the condition of your tree so that when you are doing your work you are safe from breaking branches and falling head first.   

  • Do use the safety equipment 

If you have decided to do the trim your tree yourself make sure that you are using safety equipment to assist you with the job. It is imperative that safety comes first so, you should always make sure that you have safety as priority.  

Also, make sure that your tree cuttings are not going to fall to unsuspecting victims. People in the immediate vicinity should be informed of the tree trimming and there should also be a thought given to making sure that the trimmings can go on the ground without injuring anyone.   

  • Don’t use the wrong tools  

Don’t ever improvise when you are tree trimming. Experts can do this because they have the background knowledge needed for the job and the experience to deliver the job properly but not to a do it yourself owner. You are putting yourself at risk by doing this and you are also putting your neighbors and your property in the first line of damage.   

  • Don’t trim trees without the right technique  

It is important to know the basics of tree trimming of you are doing the trimming yourself. If you don’t do the tree trimming properly you might make the whole tree irreparable. This means that you might damage the integrity of the tree thus it would end up needing to be removed. You don’t want that so make sure to at least use the right technique in tree trimming.  

There are so many things that could happen to a tree with tree trimming. It could either make or break your tree. Trees take a long time to grow and being the reason why your tree has to be removed is something that you don’t want to happen to you. That is why you need to think before you do anything to your tree.  

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