Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Epoxy Floors

I’m sure you’ve heard of the very durable type of floor, ideal for work environments that has something to do with heavy equipment. Epoxy is a floor solution that is resistant to chemical stains and spills. This type of floor can also stand the doesn’t deteriorate or depreciate in value. There are a lot of floor types but epoxy seems to be the only one with lesser disadvantages. It’s best to study the advantages as well as disadvantages of Epoxy before you invest a renovation or install it on your floor at home or at work. 


These are the advantages that will convince you to get Epoxy Floors: 

  • Epoxy Floors are Reasonable for its price 

Affordability is one of the best reasons why you should go with Epoxy Flooring. It can be installed on any floor type and even directly on top of concrete. The installation price for epoxy floors is distinctly lower than other floor types.  

  • Highly Resistant to ANYTHING 

Another great quality of Epoxy Flooring is that it’s resistance to everything is absolutely amazing. Resistance to shock? Yep! How about different kinds of fluids like oil, bleach, gasoline etc.? Yep. Does it withstand heat? Definitely. Is it waterproof? You bet! How about dust? Again yes! 

Epoxy is very ideal when it comes to clinics and hospital spaces. It’s easier to sanitize and also again, resistant to germs and bacteria. 

  • It’s extremely Durable 

Epoxy Floors and coating can last longer than any other flooring if installed properly. This type of flooring can last over a decade without cracking or peeling.  

  • Safe and Effective 

This is the least known yet very important advantage of Epoxy Flooring has to offer. It’s very safe and has features that definitely guarantees secure flooring to your home or business.  



Though there are disadvantages, these are only minor, here are some of the disadvantages with Epoxy Floors: 

  • It can be very difficult to remove 

If you decide to go for another type of flooring or get it repaired, it can be very tedious and very costly. It is recommended that you hire a professional contractor to conduct an analysis as to what to do with your Epoxy Flooring. 

  • Epoxy Flooring can have a strong Odor  

Epoxy Flooring tends to have the same scent as ammonia after applying and can be hard to remove if it’s fresh. 

  • Moisture Trapped can cause a Bubbly Output 

Epoxy should be applied when the atmosphere is damp. Any moisture trapped underneath can cause problems that eventually may lead to repair or refinishing. 

  • Maintenance Costs 

Application of Epoxy may be cheap but its maintenance requires extra if you want to keep it at its best shape. There are specific acids and chemicals used to clean and maintain Epoxy Flooring to make sure it stays the way it is.  


It is highly recommended to reach out to a professional when dealing with Epoxy floors. For the people settled in Sherbrooke, you may want to check out Plancher Epoxy Sherbrooke. Check out their website to see their contact details. 


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